Diplome 2015  >   Aneta Vojtová

geboren 1989 in Prag, Tschechien
Zulassung in der Klasse Herbst 2009

Diplom Jänner 2015:
“Untitled – My approach to graphic art inspired by fashion applications”
Siebdruck, Mixed Media Installation

My diploma project consists of prints and objects influenced by fashion elements. The work makes visible how my approach to art has developed over the course of my study, and which have been its important subjects. Over time, my work has evolved from two-dimensional drawings and prints to objects which occupy some space – and finally to fashion accessories. In my project, I stage a meeting between Fine Art and Fashion Design on what appears to be a common ground. Still, there’s a fine line between the two territories, while the materials used in both cases, paper and textile, can be interchanged. Sometimes the line is crossed. My artistic approach incorporates my relationship to traditional craftsmanship and material processing and puts it center stage, while demonstrating a confrontation between two different approaches to art and design.

Diploma book as pdf

website: anetavojtova.tumblr.comprojectbagsgirls.com