Diplome 2016  >   Savina Georgieva

geboren 1989 in Varna, Bulgarien
Zulassung in der Klasse Herbst 2008

Diplom Jänner 2016:
“Work in Progress”
Installation, Sound, Text
I first studied at the National Art School in Varna 2003-2008 and since 2008 I have been studying at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. I am now very close to graduation.

I will explain what comes next… WAIT! Do I know what’s next? What does it mean to have a master’s degree…an art degree?

First, does it mean that I will have success, or that everyone will be able to understand me? Secondly, how important is it to be understood? Thirdly, why am I doing art, to be understood or to understand?

Obviously, not everything that is thought or created needs to be shared, or so I feel.

In our world where almost everyone has a voice and a platform, there is a lot of noise created and I’m trying to make sense out of it. But how important is that noise?